August 25, 2004

To Make or Not to Make?: The Holiday Edition

It's that time of year again. People start talking about Christmas gifts they're making, and I start trying to figure out ways to break my periodic "No deadline knitting/stitching ever again!!!" vow. Because it's stressful, and putting unnecessary pressure on myself. But... but... it's fun! Right? Right?

So this year, I'm going to set a few ground rules. Projects are going to be small. And if they're not at least 75% done by December 1, I'm going to save them for next Christmas and buy gifts instead. (That means that each project individually has to be 75% done to make the cut. Just to clarify.) And... well, I'm sure I'll think of more ground rules later.

So here's what's on the list so far:


1. Scarf for Mom. I'm thinking more of a "fashion" scarf than warmth scarf. I'll go to the LYS and touch lots of different yarns and see what comes to me.

2. Socks for T (one of my managers). She said she wants some, and another manager got a scarf last year, so I figure it's only fair.

3. Secret project for someone who reads here. This is a three-parter, but fairly manageable. I think.

I guess that's all so far. Never fear, I'm sure to think of more soon.

Cross stitch:

1. Snowman for my godmother. This was supposed to be for last Christmas and I never even started. Ooops.

2. Something for my grandparents. A nativity scene, maybe? They're hard to buy for, and I think they'd like it if I made them something.

3. For my aunt--hopefully something that says "Home Sweet Home" and has a cat. She has a new apartment, and pets aren't allowed.

Well, it looks sort of vaguely doable so far. Geeesh. Let's see what happens.

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June 21, 2004

If you ever wanted to know anything crafty...

This seems to be where to find it: > Arts and Crafts Links Directory Portal

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