September 16, 2004

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like My Management Textbook

10. It refers to itself as inexpensive. It cost $102.50, and it is a paperback.
9. It has typos.
8. It has very complicated graphics that, as my professor said, serve to present simple information in the most confusing manner possible.
7. It includes such gems of wisdom as "People with a lot of positive affectivity, for example, may still be in a bad mood if they have just received some bad news." What a waste of twenty-four words.
6. It feels the need to define everything. Everything.
5. It is poorly written.
4. It expects me to be shocked to discover that the ancient Egyptians "probably" used management techniques in building the pyramids.
3. It is patronizing.
2. It assumes that its readers find history to be boring and irrelevant.

And the number one reason why I don't like this book...

1. It is telling me that I will not be successful and am generally undesirable and perhaps an inferior or bad person, just because I am introverted.

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