August 29, 2004

Look, I actually finished something!

Isn't it cute? It was a little kit called Thistles that my parents got me, appropriately enough, when they were in Scotland. It's the first stitching piece I've finished since I started stitching again a few months ago, so I'm very excited.

And here's where I am so far on the other piece in my rotation right now, Cats Know.


Yes, finishing Thistles means that there's only one thing in my rotation right now, but I'll be starting another soon enough. Rotations are great.

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August 26, 2004

Rotate, rotate

I've started cross stitching regularly again, and am getting readdicted. I'm actually sticking to a rotation this time, and it seems to be helping to motivate me. I have two projects in it right now: "Thistles" and "Cats Know." Pictures coming this weekend.

Here's an article that explains how this sort of rotation works. I started with one UFO and one new project, and I'm adding from there. I'm going to add in Christmas stuff next, and then alternate UFOs and new things.

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