May 17, 2004

Am I? Huh.

You're a Dialogue/Character Writer!

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March 11, 2004

All I need is time.

Why is it that I always get ideas for writing projects when I'm working against deadlines for something else? Partially, I think, it's procrastination. What better way to avoid something I have to do than invent all sorts of productive things I could be doing? Perhaps it's creative energy run slightly amok. I need this type of inspiration, but for the project I have to be doing, not for a new one.

In today's case, though, the two are even more linked. The current deadline project is copyediting autobiographical essays by children's and young adult writers. And I'm always inspired by reading what writers write about themselves, about writing. So it's no coincidence that while working on this at the laundromat, I got the idea for a--surprise, surprise--young adult novel set primarily in a laundromat.

Let's just hope the inspiration is still there when I actually have the chance to write.

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