April 30, 2004

Will visitor 2501 please stand up?

2501? Are you out there? Looks like it was someone using AOL, who lives in the central time zone and got here from Step Into My Thimble.

So, why am I asking for 2501? Well, the contest was rigged. Totally unintentionally. But, umm, if you're ever doing something like this, don't say something like "Hey, the next person who goes to my site wins! How exciting!" to someone on IM. (It really didn't occur to me what the result would be.) Surprisingly enough, that person was the next visitor to the site. But that doesn't feel entirely fair, and he'd probably be on the postcard list anyway, so visitor 2501 wins too. Are you out there?

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2500 yet?

Reposting this since it got pushed pretty far down. I expect to have a winner by the time I get home from work!

If that number is 2,500, take a screen shot and e-mail it to me. Whoever does will get a postcard from New Orleans next month! If no one does, I'll try to figure out who the 2500th visitor was, but no promises.

(Thanks to Theresa for the idea.)

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April 29, 2004

My new nephew :-)

I realized I'd never posted this--it's me with my brother's new puppy, taken in January.


Isn't he cute? Lots bigger now, of course, but still cute.

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